First Aid Man

Broken Bones (Fracture)

Symptoms may include victim hearing or feeling bone break; area tender to touch with pain in one spot; swelling noted around suspected fracture; limb in an unnatural position; abnormal motion; loss of function; grating sensation; discoloration of affected area.


  1. Keep victim warm and still, treat for shock if necessary. DO NOT move victim until a splint has been applied unless there is danger of a life-threatening emergency.
  2. If bone is suspected to be broken but does not pierce the skin (closed fracture), splint the limb before the victim is moved, immobilizing the joint above and below the suspected fracture site.

  3. If broken bone pierces the skin (open or compound fracture), apply pressure to appropriate pressure point to control bleeding. DO NOT try to straighten limb, return it to a natural position, or replace bone fragments. DO NOT touch or clean the wound. Secure a sterile pad or clean cloth firmly in place over the wound and tie with strong bandages or cloth strips.
  4. If victim must be moved, apply a splint to prevent further damage. Use anything that will keep the broken bones from moving, including broomsticks, boards or rolled magazines. Pad splints with cotton, clothes or clean cloths tied firmly (but not tightly) in place. If victim complains of numbness, loosen splint.
  5. Get professional medical help immediately