First Aid Man


  1. DO NOT give any other first aid if victim is unconscious or is having convulsions. Begin rescue breathing techniques or CPR if necessary. If victim is convulsing, protect from further injury; loosen tight clothing if possible.

  2. If professional medical help cannot be reached immediately:
    • DO NOT induce vomiting if poison is unknown, a corrosive substance (i.e., acid, cleaning fluid, lye, drain cleaner), or a petroleum product (i.e., gasoline, turpentine, paint thinner, lighter fluid). DO NOT use activated charcoal.
    • Induce vomiting if poison is known and is not a corrosive substance or petroleum product. To induce vomiting: Give adult one ounce of syrup of ipecac (1/2 ounce for child) followed by four or five glasses of water. If victim has vomited, follow with one ounce of powdered, activated charcoal in water, if available.
  3. Take poison container (or vomitus if poison is unknown) with victim to the hospital.