Language/Framework Project

App to facilitate a college going student. Includes timetable, attendance logging and exam and holidays reminder.

FOSS- Mifos Initiative

Find my contributions to Mifos Initiative here:

Lexical Analyser using flex

Basic Lexical Analyser using Flex and Lex for C language. Link

Shell Implementation using PThread libraries

Basic shell implementation using PThread libraries.


Built with Diffie Hellman principles. Wanna get that James Bond feeling?


The Crypto can be used to send information encrypted. Before you begin conversation, all you need is:-

  • A Security Number and Security Passkey
  • Your partner’s Silver Key.
  • Your Silver Key.

On Cranberry (v3.01) edition, anybody who knew the names of the senders and reciever. This made it possible for a third person to find out your names, crack the encryption and read your messages! Now there’s no need of names!. Using Crypto will now require 3 keys to be exchanged, and voila! You can begin conversation with an encryption scheme that nobody can even guess!!

How to Use
  1. Get a Security Number, Security Passkey and Silver Key generated.
  2. Send these to your Partner.
  3. She should directly enter these (she shouldnt generate another pair of Security Keys) in her program.
  4. The Silver Key which she gets should be shared to you.
  5. You enter these in your program.
  6. Voila! Begin the conversation!
I want one!

Here you go!


The Movie The Imitation Game ,based on Alan Turing’s life, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley.

alt text

Direction of Improvement

I’ve not thought of any further improvements yet.


Nirmal Khedkar (@nirmalhk7) is the sole maker of this project.


MIT License. Suggestions/Feedbacks welcomed.

First Aid Man

Built by Dialogflow, it makes life-saving first aid information only a “Hey Google” away.

First Aid Man

UK charity St. John Ambulance estimates that 150,000 people could be dying without appropriate first aid treatment every year. Their survey found that 59% of the people would not be confident while providing First Aid. Even more shocking is the fact that 24% of the people would ignore the patient in need.

The only way to approach this is to provide First Aid that is

  1. Accessible
  2. Easy to Understand
  3. Does not leave the Good Samaritan in a confusion.

Most people wouldnt be searching first aid on the web or downloading first aid apps on their smartphones. So I figured that the best way to aid people with first aid treatment procedures is to:

Make an app on Google Assistant!

The First Aid Man is a Google Assistant app providing the user with 22 different diseases of different severity (from unconsciousness to poisoning). This app makes first aid treatments only an ‘Okay Google’ away. Since there are some limitations in Dialogflow conversations, I’ve made use of GitHub.

How this is better
  1. If Google Assistant works on your device, you can use First Aid Man
  2. The treatments are taken from the Band Aid First Aid Guide. So its very clear.
  3. I’ve tried to make it the easiest for anyone to provide treatment, and I am open for any suggestions that make it even easier. I’ve put symptoms and pictures to make it easier to understand. ex: There are three kinds of burns: first, second and third degree. Each burn has different treatment but not many would know the difference behind all the three, and they’d end up checking the treatment for each of them. So I’ve provided symptoms before the treatment screens.
  4. People should be able to use this app regardless of their location. If they have network coverage, they should be able to use this app. This is also the reason why the webpages in this repo are very basic, intended to work anywhere anytime.
  1. Bleeding- First Aid Man
  2. Breathing Problems- First Aid Man
  3. Burns and Scalds- First Aid Man
  4. Chemical Burn- First Aid Man
  5. Fracture- First Aid Man
  6. Frostbite- First Aid Man
  7. Non Chemical Burn- First Aid Man
  8. Penetrating Objects- First Aid Man
  9. Poisoning- First Aid Man
  10. Transporting An Injured- First Aid Man

I’ve used the treatments from the Band Aid First Aid Guide. So I’ve only put that info from that file into my app. I have exactly zero medical expertise so if anything is wrong here, all I can do is correct it.

Made By

You know it. Nirmal Khedkar (nirmalhk7)

IET Club Website

Made a Jekyll website-cum-blog for my college club IET NITK. Link

Previously a simple website, now powered with Jekyll.

The redesigned website is live, and the design is expected to be forever. I will continue adding JS elements to make it more cooler and faster. Also, the blog is now in-house!

New Components

The website uses components made by other developers, which I will acknowledge here:

  • The theme: Hola by Styleshout.
  • Wallpaper: Beast Dreams II By Justin Maller
  • Animations: from Animista
    • Flickering Footer
    • Heartbeat
  • Form: Simple Form
Made By

Nirmal Khedkar

NodeJS, React

E-Commerce website for farmers. Link


I’ve tried making something I’ve always been fascinated with: web scrapers. I’ve followed this tutorial for webscraping , and I’m making a complete web scrapper which I’ve baptised as Silver-Scrappy because I just did. Link

Ruby on Rails

Linkedin for Research Students.


Project Name: ScholarHub - Research And Collaboration Portal for NITs

Built By: Abhishek Kumar and Nirmal Khedkar

My Contributions: All Frontend.

Accolades Recieved: 5th place in NIT Conclave 2019, 2nd place overall.

Project Name: ScholarHub - Research And Collaboration Portal for NITs

Built By: Abhishek Kumar and Nirmal Khedkar

Accolades Recieved: 5th place in NIT Conclave 2019, 2nd place overall.

Title Track: InterNIT Communication.

Login Instructions

Problem Statement

Despite the Government’s stress for R&D across various sectors within India, we felt the researchers lacked a uniform platform to enlighten themselves to interact with their fellow researchers and to look for grants issued by Goverment and Universities

  • We realized the future of engineering lies in interdiscplinary pursuits: Knowledge in mutliple fields is essential. There is no central repository of research papers written by NIT scholars which we felt was a requirement in this age.
  • Researchers when in need of a fellow researchers with a particular skillset have to resort to word of mouth. This restricts the pool of talent that can be accessed.
  • Researchers have to rely on word of mouth and suggestions to find out about applicable grants, which is often too late.
  • There is no central source of events and workshops of interest for NITs.
Our Solution

The idea behind ScholarHub is to promote research culture within NIT’s by making information about funding, human resource development and provision of neccesary facilities at one central place.

  • This eliminates the need to go through another NIT’s research portal to find research papers.
  • We provide a list of fellow researchers who are in need of collaborators. We provide enough personal information and a way of communication to identify right partners.
  • We aggregrate information about upcoming events of interest across all NITs, enabling interested scholars to pursue more workshops.
  • We provide a list of upcoming grants and their essential information that institutions and governments offer.

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Login Page



Collaboration Request Detail

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Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

Alan Turing

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